Activities and Attractions

There are so many things to keep you entertained in Morgan Bay! We have an unspoilt mile-long beach, majestic cliffs criss-crossed by hiking and mountain bike trails, beach sports, fishing spots, horse riding, rock climbing and abseiling. Within a 15km radius you can enjoy a game reserve, a golf course, township tours and a tranquil coastal nature reserve, where you can hunt for Ming dynasty porcelain, Money Cowries and Carnelian Beads from a 16th century Portuguese shipwreck.

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The hotel sits right on the mile-long sandy beach at Morgan Bay. Popular activities include sunbathing, fishing, walking, beach cricket, touch rugby, swimming, beachcombing and kite surfing.

The nearby Double Mouth Nature Reserve has a stunning little beach, just around the corner from the campsite. Bead Beach, or Treasure Beach as it is sometimes known, is the site of a 16th century Portuguese shipwreck, thought to be the Santo Espirito. Carnelian beads, shards of Ming dynasty porcelain and money cowries are often found among the shingle here.

Kei Mouth is slightly further afield and has several smaller beaches. The beach at Qolora is 2 kilometres long and is frequently deserted out of season.

Walking, Hiking and Mountain Biking

The beautiful landscape of the Wild Coast really is a hikers paradise with many enjoyable walks to enjoy and are perfectly suited for the novice walker to the extreme hiker. Click here to have a look at some of the walks / hikes in and around Morgan Bay.

The Strandloper Trail, which starts in neighbouring Kei Mouth, has been described as "the one trail where you can savour the feeling of solitude on an unspoilt beach and down a bar lunch in a cosy pub barely an hour later". The trail is almost 57 km in total and takes 4 days to complete. It is clearly marked with little painted white on green boot prints and can be walked throughout the year. The best weather is between January and May which have warm windless days.

Don't forget to pack your bike to enjoy some great rides along the rugged Wild Coast. If you are visiting us during June or December you may be around to take part in our popular Hagmorkei Trail Event.

Day Trips and Excursions

Just a short trip to Kei Mouth and across 'The Pont' will take you into the former homeland of the Transkei. The small seaside village of Qolora is just 16km drive from The Pont and is easily accessible via 10km of gravel and 6km of tar roads. Roughly an hours walk North-East along the beach from Qolora is the wreck of the Jacaranda, a Greek-owned coaster that ran aground in 1971.

If you are travelling in your 4x4 vehicle, then you can enjoy a thrilling ride to The Gates and Gxara Falls. Please note that offroading is not permitted within 1km of the high-water mark and tidally influenced sections of estuaries from Kei Mouth to Port Edward.


Morgan Bay and Double Mouth offer both rock and surf fishing as well as saltwater fly fishing options. Deep Sea enthusiasts bringing their own boats can launch from the closely located Kei river and enjoy a range of fish to catch including kob, cracker, grouper and many more. You must be in possession of a valid fishing and boat licence. Deep Sea fishing excursions can be arranged by contacting Clint on 043 8411 087 / 082 567 0972.


Morgan Bay is an exposed break that has reasonably consistent surf. There is a right point break and a beach break. Summer offers the best conditions. Off shore winds are from the North West. Ground swells are more frequent than wind swell and the best swell direction is from the South. The point produces perfect right hand barrels that funnel into the bay. The beach break is either a left or a right.

Horse Riding

Enjoy a leisurely ride down to the beach and gallop alongside the waters edge. A fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy. Wild Coast Horseback Adventures also do day rides and multi day rides along the Wild Coast. Contact Julie-Anne on 082 567 0972.

Elunxwemeni Township Tours

Fancy visiting a Spaza Shop or a Shebeen? What about consulting a Traditional Healer or drinking Umqombothi? Have you seen the amaXhosa in their traditional attire, listened to their music and eaten their food? No? Well come and experience a day in the life of the locals of iCwili township near Kei Mouth, and experience all of this and more! Contact Aubrey Kema from Elunxwemeni Township Tours on 078 064 8487


The Kei Mouth Golf course, located in neighbouring Kei Mouth, offers a very scenic 13 hole course overlooking the ocean. To book a round of golf, phone the Kei Mouth Country Club on (043) 8411 083. Local members play on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so feel free to join in.

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Come and climb or abseil on our beautiful cliffs with the guys from Rockfacelabs, there are around 500 short routes on the cliffs just West of town, ranging from grade 10-27, with the majority in the moderate (17-22) grade range. The blocky dolerite rock is rough and generally of excellent quality, with most routes following obvious crack lines. For all ages and a lovely outdoor experience. Contact Dirk: 078 2964906, Jonothan: 076 3162543

Experienced climbers wishing to go it alone can download a detailed Morgan Bay Rock Climbing Route Guide here.


The George Brown Bowling Green is located in the Morgan Bay Caravan Park. Thursdays at 2pm (tabs in at 1.45pm) Sundays at 9am (tabs in at 8.45am) Green fees are R20 per non-member and bowls are available from the club.

The Kei Mouth Bowls Club play on Wednesdays and Saturdays (tabs in at 1:45pm). Green fees are R15 per non-member and bowls are available from the club.

Inchara Lagoon

The calm waters of the Inchara river estuary are ideal for small children. Engine powered boats are not permitted, which makes it an ideal playground for canoeing, wind surfing and dinghy sailing. We have canoes available to hire and enjoy a paddle.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dolphin and whale watching is a very 'strenuous' activity that can be enjoyed from the balcony of your room or The Deck pub and restaurant, while sipping on something cool and refreshing. The Morgan Bay cliffs also make excellent viewpoints from which to enjoy this activity.

Dolphins are present year round, but they are seen more frequently in the Winter than Summer. The Southern Right Whale can be seen from June to November and their peak calving season is July and August. Humpback Whales can be seen from May to December. Bryde's Whale and Orcas are present year round, but sightings are quite rare.

Note: Whales don't venture close to the shore, unless calving, and are usually only seen from 1 kilometre and further out, so bring your binoculars.

Bird Watching

Birding areas range from rolling grasslands to estuaries, coastlines, coastal and riverine forests. Species include: Sunbirds, Hornbills, Bulbuls, Barbets, Weavers, Canaries, Waxbills, Crowned Cranes, Fish Eagles, Jackal Buzzards, Long Crested Eagles, Crowned Eagles, Goliath Heron, Water Dikkop, Kingfishers, Plovers, Reed Cormorants, Darters, Herons, Forest Weavers, Black Headed Orioles, Narina Trogons, Oystercatchers and much more.

Fish Eagle River Cruises

Two and four hour cruises on the Great Kei river. Watch the Fish Eagles feed and see cycads growing in the wild. A bird watchers paradise! 15 - 25 passengers. Bring own refreshments. Braai facilities, charcoal, ice, music and glasses (except wine glasses) are supplied on the four hour cruise.

Contact: Marguerite | 073 300 3029

Game Reserves

Endalweni Private Game Reserve is just 8km from Morgan Bay. Here you can see impala, blesbuck, bushbuck, nyala, kudu, blue duiker, common duiker, red hartebeest, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, common reedbuck, Burchell's zebra, giraffe, gennet, mongoose, caracal, black-backed jackal, porcupine, bushpig, warthog, leguaan, vervet monkey, baboon as well as a plethora of bird and plant species.

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve is located approx. 55km from Morgan Bay and is situated within an area that encompasses five different biomes. It is home to all of the Big Five game; namely lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros; as well as giraffe, zebra, a variety of antelope, and many other smaller species.

Morganville Motorcycle Museum

Approaching the turn off to Morgan Bay you will see a Corvair 880 passenger jet on the side of the road; Believed to be one of only two such aircraft in the World (the other at Graceland), it carried such musical icons as the Rolling Stones, Barbara Streisand, John Denver and The Who.

Former Eastern Cape Finance MEC, and self confessed hoarder, Billy Nel’s private museum has been growing in fame ever since he parked the huge jet in his back yard. The museum houses over 650 motorcycles including a rare Yamaha GTS1000A, featuring a forkless front suspension.

Other attractions at the museum include London Buses, collections of old vinyl records, early pianos and telephones, historic agricultural equipment such as a mielie grinder, old typewriters, petrol tanks and ox wagons. Billy only opens the museum a few times a year, such as during the Footprints Festival and Bulldog Rally, and entry fees go to charity.

Hazel Jefferies Shell Museum

The Hazel Jefferies Shell Museum has hundreds of varieties of shells on display and is considered to be amongst the best in South Africa. It is located at the Municipal offices near the four-way stop in the Main Road.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 07:00 - 16:00
Saturdays: 09:00 - 11:00
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.